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A celebration of the life and work of the British writer Jennifer Dawson

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The Novels

Other Writing

Photo by Cynthia Bradford


1961    The Ha-Ha      (Penguin/ Virago/ Valancourt)

            won James Tait  Black Memorial Award 1962


1962     Fowlers Snare   (Anthony Blond)

             won Cheltenham Festival Award 1963


1965     The Cold Country (Anthony Blond)


1976     Strawberry Boy   (Quartet)


1979     A Field of Scarlet Poppies   (Quartet)


1988      The Upstairs People   (Virago Press)



1989    Judasland  (Virago Press)

            won the Fawcett Society Book Prize 1991


            Lady St Just

            (Jennifer Dawson's last novel, as yet unpublished)




1962     A Pair of Ragged Claws (a play, acquired by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company)


1972     The Queen of Trent (a children's book, co-authored with Elizabeth Mitchell)


1978     Hospital Wedding (a collection of short stories)



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