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By Julia Voss, Mar 1 2015 06:30PM

Which of Jennifer Dawson's novels have you enjoyed? Have you read her short stories? Would you like to read her poetry? Please click on this post to add your comment.

Mar 1 2015 06:51PM by Jane

Is 'The Upstairs People' likely to be republished any time soon?

Mar 2 2015 08:11AM by julia

The next novel to be published as an e.book will be Judasland which was originally published in 1989 by Virago, a penetrating and original look at Oxford life.

Jul 8 2017 04:09PM by Edward Knuckles

Just read The Ha-Ha because I came across a reference to it in another work. I was particularly taken by the novel's setting in the late 50's, a period that I experienced as a teen. I was better able to appreciate the mood of the time with its growing sense of alienation in a society that was on the verge of disruption as a result of the explosive growth in technology and the unsettling expectations of women to conform to a set of norms.

Jun 25 2018 10:26AM by Ahmad

The Ha-Ha is by far the best of her works. It was translated into Arabic sometime in the 60s of last century. I read it twice in English later, as well as most of her published works.

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